Mother breastfeeding her newborn baby beside window

Breast Infection / LACTATIONAL Disorders

Infections of the breasts are more common during lactation and pregnancy. Mastitis is the commonest cause of breast infection which can usually be treated with cold compress and/or antibiotics. Mastitis needs to be treated with relative urgency otherwise it may progress to develop into a breast abscess.

Small breast abscesses can be treated by repeated ultrasound-guided aspirations and oral antibiotics. Larger abscesses will require open drainage, a minor surgical procedure done under general anaesthesia. It is best to avoid this scenario by seeking treatment early when mastitis can be treated with antibiotics before progressing to an abscess. Surgical treatment involves leaving the wound open and requiring frequent visits to the specialist clinic for dressings of the wound. At times depending on the site and size of the abscess breastfeeding may need to be stopped urgently to facilitate wound healing.

Problems associated with breast engorgement or improper latching are best handled by our associates, lactation consultants and even the breast masseuse.