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Breast Clinic Singapore

Our Breast Clinic is dedicated to providing bespoke breast care and helping women restore their breast health. 
Breast conditions can affect a wide array of age group, ranging from teenagers to young adults, breastfeeding mothers, middle-aged ladies, elderly women and even men.
Our Breast  Clinic is equipped to provide comprehensive diagnosis Breast Screening and therapeutic procedures for several breast conditions. And our consultations aim to be patient-specific, tailoring it to your needs and what is appropriately suited for your condition. You will find that all women have different treatment regimes as it really depends on the detailed analysis of the disease or condition. So no one size fits all.

Breast Screening

Breast Screening or Breast Ultrasound scans serve as an adjunct screening tool or it can serve as a screening tool in women aged less than 40 years of age. This does not utilise radiation and hence it is safe for pregnant women as well.

2D / 3D Mammogram

This is the standard screening tool for breast cancer. A mammogram is advised for women above 40 years of age. Frequent anomalies which can be picked up by mammogram are described below.

First Visit

Most patients will understandably be anxious on their first clinic appointment. It is reassuring to know that majority will not have breast cancer but likely a benign breast condition.

MBBS (Singapore), MMed (Surgery),
FRCS (Edinburgh)
Consultant Breast & General Surgeon

Dr. Radhika Lakshmanan

I am a specialist breast and oncoplastic surgeon dedicated in providing excellent service in breast surgery including diagnosis and management of all types of breast problems including breast cancer. I treat a range of breast conditions ranging from benign conditions such as breast cysts, lumps, lactation problems, nipple discharge, male breast disorders such as gynaecomastia to breast cancer. My surgical expertise involve all types of breast surgical techniques including oncoplastic breast surgery.  This is a fairly novel technique evolved in the late 90s. I am pleased to say that I am among the handful of surgeons trained in this complex sub-specialisation in Singapore. I did my advanced training as an honorary clinical fellow of the prestigious Nottingham Breast Institute, United Kingdom in 2010. This is a scholarship sponsored by the Ministry of Health under the human manpower development programme. I spent a year working with experts in oncoplastic breast surgery and various aspects of breast cancer management.  Upon returning to Singapore, this was translated into helping the local population and realised that I had to modify certain techniques to suit the different body habitus here. This also explains why no one technique suits another. Many patients have thus far benefitted from the skills knowledge and support my clinic provides.